Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Towbes Foundation provide general operating support?

Yes, we are happy to support the general operations of our nonprofit partners.

Does The Towbes Foundation sponsor events?

In general, we do not sponsor individual organizational events. There are occasions where we might consider supporting larger multi-organizational collaboratives that have wide-reaching community benefit.

If an organization received a grant from The Towbes Foundation, can it also receive funding from the Towbes Fund for the Performing Arts or vice versa?

Generally, no. Funding from The Towbes Foundation will typically preclude funding from other Towbes-family funding sources (i.e., Michael Towbes Donor Advised Fund, the Lewis – Towbes Family Donor Advised Fund, or the Towbes Fund for the Performing Arts) except by invitation only. Similarly, any organization that receives grant funding from any of these Towbes-family funding sources will likely preclude any additional funding from The Towbes Foundation.

How do I apply for the Community Dividends award or funding from the Towbes Group?

The Towbes Foundation is separate and distinct from The Towbes Group and Montecito Bank & Trust.  While both the Towbes Group and Montecito Bank and Trust engage in community-based philanthropy, these efforts are not related to The Towbes Foundation. Please contact these entities for information related to their giving.

How does a performing arts organization apply to the Towbes Fund for the Performing Arts?

The Towbes Fund for the Performing Arts is a field of interest fund at the Santa Barbara Foundation. For more information, contact the Santa Barbara Foundation.

Does The Towbes Foundation support nonprofit organizations outside of Santa Barbara County?

Currently, we only support local organizations based within Santa Barbara County.

How did The Towbes Foundation respond to COVID?

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, The Towbes Foundation shifted its focus through the 2020-2021 fiscal year to address pressing community needs related to essential workers, food, shelter, mental health, and education. While this was a break from our traditional funding, we felt that it was imperative to support the most at-risk and vulnerable. During this time, we asked for organizational updates to reduce the application burden on our grant applicants and did not require annual grant reports. We are proud of the Santa Barbara community for facing the recent challenges together and believe that we are a stronger, more united, and more resilient community.